Davis County High School (DCHS) Class of 1998 Update

DCHS Class of 1998:

Let Mortal Kombat Begin

Due to the static quality of the Graduation Page, I have decided to make an updatable page. Like everything I do, it is ultimately useless, but it keeps me from reading those bad evil files in the back of my computer...well protected by my own security, out of reach unless you know exactly where to look, and how to read it...but anyway...

Greetings again my friends,

Indeed it is I, The Chronicaler, (AKA the bad, but not so bad as Totten, speller) and I have created a place for everyone to claim their triumphs...like whatever someone scribles into an email to me.

By the way, Bulechek, a little more innocence would be nice in your messages...just my preference. Hmm, now where was I? Oh yes, a big page dedicated to useless ramblings and incoherent raves. Just like the good old days...back when I had my TARDIS and you pathetic humans where nothing but a...[suddenly a cloaked figure pops up behind Rassilon and begins to stab the poor old man...but Rassilon quickly pulls out the latest Alanis Moriesette Album. The cloaked figure turns the blade on his/her self and Rassilon continues] Well, it's not really that important what your species was, after all your an...advanced...[Rassilon seems to be struggling with the words]...and civilized...culture! [He breaks out in laughter...]

[After a few minutes the laughter sub-sides] I'm certain you all know what I mean know...anyway, if you want to tell me something, my email is rassilon@temporalapocalypse.com Later and have fun,

-=-Lord President Rassilon-=-