Davis County High School (DCHS) Graduating Class of 1998

The time of our lives...

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At 1:30 pm on Sunday, the 31st of May 1998, the senior class walked into Davis County High School for the last time. They lined up in the small basement and walked out to the football field. It was the last time that the entire class would be together. It would be the day they graduated. Relatives and friends gathered in the stands. To the tune of "Pomp and Circumstance", the class of 1998 walked to their seats.

They had been perpared for this. A week ago they had had baccalurate, and the Thursday before the commencement ceremony they had had the senior awards night (which, some persons believe, was spoiled when one of the members of the class refused to take his awards or to even sit with the rest of the class...). And as I said, they were perpared for this. They had their heads held high. If someone cried, then they were tears of joy. If someone laughed, then they laughed hallowly. The presentation had only a couple problems (a microphone that quit working during the introduction of the guest speaker and a final song should have been Green Day's "Time of our Lives" instead of whatever they played).

The Wednesday before the ceremony, the short life biographies of the class came out in the local paper, The Democrat. Many people will lose the paper or will not have one when they really want it so I have copied the biographies as a type of time capsule. Before I list them, however, I would like to thank the DCHS journalism class for taking the time to compile and type the original bios. (I would give the specific people their credit but I don't know who typed which section.)

The members of the class.

The son of Dean and Sandra Amstutz, Aaron Amstutz recalls that his best memories are of Mr. Miller’s sixth period English III class and the buildings and trades class. He is a member of the FFA and plans to attend college where he will further his knowledge of ag. production.

"Take it slow, it goes fast, enjoy it!" advises Mindy Barker. Mindy is the daughter of Ron and Sandy Barker. She has been very involved in church activities and has worked at Videoland, Memory Lane and the Bloomfield Care Center.

Missy Barker, daughter of Craig and Nancy Barker, is planning to go to Indian Hills for radiology classes this fall. She remembers that best times were always at the football games. She says that upcoming graduates should not delay until the last minute for graduation.

Intending on becoming a doctor, Clint Berryman is looking forward to attending the pre-medicine program at Simpson College this fall. He has been a very active student. Clint has been involved with football, track, the high school yearbook, the First Baptist Church of Bloomfield, and has worked for the city. He is the son of Doug and Patty Berryman.

Future Marine, Shawn Blew has enjoyed his last year of high school. He encourages the future classes of Davis County High School to “...make it through...” and graduate. Shawn is involved in wrestling and works at Southfork. He is the son of Judy and Virgil Blew.

David Boas is the son of Ray and Patricia Boas. Planning on being a farmer, he has been an active member of the FFA. He says that his best memory of high school is Mr. Miller’s sixth hour English class last year.

Hoping to be a police officer someday, Crystal Bodkins plans to attend Indian Hills for criminal justice next fall. Crystal, the daughter of Dan and Becky Bodkins, volunteers at Davis County Hospital and participates in the Model United Nations at the high school. She advises underclassmen to have fun because they only go to high school once.

Making long lasting friendships highlights the memories of Jeremy Bogle, the son of Jim and Kitty Bogle. He plans to join the United States Army and attend a four-year college after graduation. Jeremy’s personal motto is, "It’ll be alright!"

Cheerleading, Model United Nations, the student council, National Honor Society and 4-H are all credits to Miss Katherine Annette Bolin, daughter of Mark and Sharon Bolin. Planning on majoring in actuarial science with a minor in mathematical education, Katherine advises everyone to "...take responsibility for your own and don’t blame others for your decisions."

Sarah Bos is the daughter of John and Kathy Bos. Her high school activities included, volleyball, basketball, golf, student council, and French club. She has been employed at Uncle Bob’s for the past two years. Sarah plans to attend Kirkwood Community College to study nursing and then transfer to the University of Iowa. Her advice to the underclassmen is, "You do not rule the school until you’re a senior."

"Overhaul ’em," is Kevin Bulechek’s personal motto. Kevin is the son of Kenneth and Karen Bulechek. He was active in football and wrestling. He plans to attend college at Sheldon, Iowa, to take a powerline course.

Gayle Burrows is the daughter of Gene and Glenda Burrows. She was actively involved in pep band, marching band, French club, Model UN, and vounteens.She was selected for the Who’s Who Among American High School Students. She plans to enlist in the National Guard and earn a pilot’s license. She also wants to attend Indian Hills Community College to study their aviation courses. Her pesonal motto is, “Never give up.”

Shane Campbell is the son of Chris and Joan Campbell. He is active in FFA, football, and is also a member of the Floris Baptist Church. Shane has worked for Orville Rupe’s painting business for the past two years and plans to continue thoughout college. He would like the attend Iowa State University and major in agricultural engineering. His best high school memory was going to state playoffs in football.

"Graduation will be sooner than you think," was Wyatt Cantrell advice to underclassmen. Wyatt is the son of Esther and Michael Cantrell. He plans to work for American Welding and Tank after graduation.

Erin Carroll is the daughter of Randy and Linda Carroll. She is was involved in tennis, as manager for track and basketball, and in Model United Nations. Erin plans to attend Indian Hills Community College and tranfer to the University of Nebraska with a major in criminal justice and psychology. Her advice to underclassmen is, “Have fun and enjoy the time in high school while it lasts.”

Art club, 4-H, Spanish club, and the United Methodist Youth Fellowship are some of the activities Maria Cary was involved in during high school. Maria is the daughter of Teddy and Mary Cary. She plans to attend the arts and sciences program at Indian Hills Community College. Maria will always remember “all the times with my friends” from high school.

Amy Cason is the daughter of Dewayne and Debbie Cason. She is active in student council, leadership skills class, basketball, volleyball, and track. Amy plans to attend Des Moines Area Community College to major in special education. Her advice to underclassmen is, "Treat others the way you would want to be treated."

Tana Crane is the daughter of Gerri Crane and Mike and Carrie Crane. She was involved in art club and Spanish Club. Tana plans to attend Indian Hills Community College in the fall to take classes in the arts and sciences program. Her personal motto is, "Smile, it make people wonder what you are thinking about."

Carrie Critchlow is the daughter of Harold and Diana Critchlow. She is active in studentgovenment and cheerleading. She plans to attend William Penn College and major in pre-law. Her best memory was "after prom at Kathy Bolin’s house."

Jill Cruikshank is the daughter of Lowell and Billie Cruikshank. She was involved in National Honor Society, track, cross country, marching and concert band, leadership skills class projects, and 4-H and Youth Committee. She has been an employee at Uncle Bob’s for two years. Jill plans to attend Indian Hills for two years and then transfer to the University of Northern Iowa, majoring in English and elementary education. Jill’s personal motto is, “The task ahead of us is never as great as the power behind us.”

Caleb Michael Davis is the son of Greg and Kay Davis. "Ah, sleep, my only friend," he says. Caleb was involved in band and chorus. He is undecided about his future plans.

Clayton Davison described his best high school moment in one word, "Beanfield." Clayton participated in golf. He plans to attend Indian Hills to study machine technology. Clayton is the son of Jim and Pam Davison.

"Big E’s 6th hour English class my junior year" was Kevin Eakins’s best memory from high school. Kevin is the son fo Dave and Cindy Eakins. He was an active member in FFA. After graduation, Kevin plans to attend college at Indian Hills to go into machine technology. He hopes to get a good job and start a family.

"High school is great; Live it up!" That’s Gary Garmon’s advice to the underclassmen. Gary is the son of Mike and Dixie Garmon. He actively participated in football, baseball, wrestling and FFA. Gary plans to attend Iowa State University after graduation.

Ben Grim is the son of Butch and Linda Grim. Ben was the president of FFA in both 1997 and 1998. "You can do anything if you put your mind to it," he says. Ben plans to study bioprocessing technology at Indian Hills.

The best memory from high school was state wrestling 1998 for Robert Hamre. He is the son of Bee and Lee Hamre. Robert was involved in football, wrestling, and track. He is a member of the Soap Creek Rebel Saddle club. He will attend the University of Northern Iowa and plans to major in industrial technology.

Kelley Hartwick is the daughter of Ira and Kathy Hartwick. She is involved in French club, Octagon club, Kalico Kids 4-H club, National Honor Society, county council. She works as a volunteer at the Davis County Hospital and is also a conflict manager at school. Kelley plans to attend Iowa State University and major in animal science/pre-veterinary medicine. Her personal motto is, “Work hard, but don’t forget to have fun!”

Lance Hasz is the son of Bob and Pat Hasz. He was involved in cross country and is also an employee at Walmart. Lance plans to go into the Air Force after graduation. "Go Hard or Go Home," are the words Lance often follows.

"Life is only what you make of it," says Danny Hazzard. He is the son of Dan and Kay Hazzardand Karen Hazzard. He is a member of the Iowa Amy National Guard and plans to attend collegeto become a therapist. Danny has participated in tennis and FFA.

Niki Heemsbergen’s advice to underclassmen is, "Prepare yourself for life after high school. If you don’t, the reality of the ‘real world’ will hit you hard and leave you breathless." Niki’s future plans are to attend Indian Hills Community College. She is the daughter of Dave and Jennie Heemsbergen.

Kelli Heiser, daughter of David and Connie Heiser, plans to attend Truman State University and major in English. Very active in high school, Kelli has participated in cross country, track, French club, Model United Nations, 4-H and the 4-H county council. She has also been a hospital volunteer, a basketball manager, and was active in her church youth group. “Have fun, try new things, and do everything that you want to do now so you can’t look back on things later and say, ‘I wish...’”

Seth Hershey is the son of Kevin Hershey and Leslie Landwig. He works at Uncle Bob’s and has participated in football and student council throughout high school. Seth plans to attend college. His personal motto is, "Say what you do and do what you say."

Jennifer Hopwood plans to begin college Indian Hills Community College in the fall. She hopes to transfer later and study music or theater arts. Jennifer’s best memory is getting a I-rating at large group band contest her junior year and doing flips and giving piggy-back rides in the very wet front yard of Grinnell High School and almost breaking her ankle. Band, choir, community players, yearbook staff, and community band have been a few things that Jennifer participated in throughout high school. Her parents are Charles and Nancy Hopwood.

"I’ll never forget Mr. Miller’s 6th hour English class," says Brian Hout. He played basketball for the Mustangs. His future plan is to go into the Air Force. Brian is the son of Bernie and Mardel Gutz. He advises underclassmen, "Enjoy every one of your days at school. There will be nothing like it again in your life."

Christina Jackson is the daughter of Ruby Jackson. Christina graduated at semester and is currently working at JC Pennys. She plans to attend Indian Hills Community College. Christina’s person motto is, "Keep persevering."

"Believe in yourself when no else does," says Greta Jarvis. In high school, Greta participated in track. She has been a manager for volleyball and basketball. Greta plans to attend Indian Hills Community College and go into computer programming. Her parents are Russell and Tina Jarvis.

Ken Johnson’s future plans are to attend the University of Northern Iowa and majoar in computer science. Ken is the grandson of Clarence and Elda Snyder. He has been in basketball and tennis throughout his high school years. His best memory, he says, is "the last basketball game with Osky my senior year."

Nicole Jones is the daughter of Mike and Sandy Jones. Throughout high school, she has been involved in choir, minni-singers, Model United Nations, French club, boys track manager, girls basketball manager, senior class treasurer, 4-H and volunteens. She also works part-time at Gas-N-Mor. In the future, Nicole plans to attend Simpson College and major in elementary education. Her most memorable moment was a few days after she got her drivers license. She backed into a snow bank and got stuck in her own driveway. All of her friends were there, and none of them knew what to do. "Tons of teachers and students drove by and stared. It was so embarrassing. Finally Mr. Perry came by. He stopped and got down on his hands and knees in his suit and helped dig the van out of the snow. It was one of the nicest things I have ever seen done!"

"Don’t expect more out of others than you are willing to give yourself." This is the personal motto of Andy Joos. He is the son of Ron and Christy Joos. His high school activities included FFA and 4-H. In the future, Andy plans to attend Indian Hills Community College and major in robotics.

In the future, Melissa Karr plans to attend Indian Hills Community College and then transfer to the University of Iowa. She is the daughter of David and Debbie Karr and Becky Myers. Missy’s spare time is spent working at Keith’s Food Store. Her advice to underclassmen is, “Don’t take anything for granted, especially the time with your friends."

"Do everything you possibly can while in high school." This is the advice Crystal Kelderman gives to underclassmen. Crystal is the daughter of Mike and Kim Kelderman. She was involved in chorus. Her future plans include attending Indian Hills Community College for two years, then transferring to Truman State University to study psychology.

Chad Knapp is the son of Roger and Deb Knapp. During high school, he was involved in FFA. Chad’s most memorable moments were spent in his sixth hour English class during his junior year. In the future, Chad plans to farm.

"We do not only learn from our mistakes, but we also pay for them. When we do not learn from them, we often pay twice." This is the personal motto of Amy Langford, daughter of Pat Langford. In high school, Amy was active as a wrestling statistician, boys track manager, volunteen, and a member of the French club. In the future, she plan to attend Iowa State University and major in education.

In the future, John Larson plans to join the work force. He is the son of John and Joyce Larson. During high school, John was involved in FFA.

The advice Donna Liles leaves to underclassmen is, "Be careful in all that you do, but have fun with what you do." Donna is the daughter of Dennis and Janice Liles. In high school, she was involved in choir and she worked part-time at Making Memories. Her future plans are undecided.

Monica Long, daughter of Gary and Mary Long, feels that everyone should "have fun and live life to the fullest." In the future, she plans to attend college and get a job.

Ian Martin is the son of John and Susan Martin. In high school, he was involved in basketball, golf and fall baseball. Ian got a head start on his future. He has been attending the University of Iowa since January.

"My friends and I were on our way to a state volleyball tournament, and we saw a deer in the road, so we slammed on the breaks. Next thing we knew, the deer had fallen flat on his behind. Then he just got back up and ran away. It was so funny, we laughed all the way to state.” This is the most memorable moment of Julie McAvoy, daughter of Debra McAvoy. In high school, Julie was active as a fall and winter cheerleader. She also worked at Subway. In the future, she would like to become an interior decorator or a beautician.

Lisa Moss is going to Central in Pella and Majoring in Psychology. Her parents are Jack and Teresa. Her favorite times in high school were going to State Vollyball and State Wrestling with my friends and of course Homecoming week.

Amanda Parker plans to attend the Iowa School of Beauty following graduation. She has served as vice president of art club, worked at Pizza Hut, and helped out a cleaning company during the summer months. Amanda’s will always remember the senior art club trip to Chicago. She is the daughter of Delbert and Carolyn Taylor, and Ron and Kim Parker.

Dan Prasch advises underclassmen to "take classes with your friends because it’s more fun!" Dan is the son of John and Rhonda Prasch. He plans to attend college and own his own business someday. During high school, Dan played football and was employed by Teubel’s.

Attending Indian Hills Community College followed by a transfer to the University of Iowa is in Jessica Rickelman’s future. She is the daughter of Dick and Kay Rickelman. High school activities included French club, cheerleading, student council, National Honors Society, Classy Clovers 4-H, and St. Johns Catholic youth group. She advises underclassmen to get involved in athletics and other school-sponsored activities.

Belinda Rook is the daughter of Bradley and Judy Rook. She plans to attend the Iowa School of Beauty to become a cosmetologist. Belinda lives by the motto, "Treat others with respect." During high school, she was a member of art club and Spanish club. She worked at Rebekah’s and at Keith’s Foods.

"Never let stress get to you." That’s the advice from Megan Rook, daughter of Leanne Rook and Forrest Rook. She plans to attend Indian Hills Community College in the fall to pursue a degree as a registered nurse. She intends to transfer to a four-year school to specialize in emergency work. Megan was in French club, church bell choir, Rainbow for Girls, Who’s Who Among American High School Students, and served as manager for basketball and track.

Kane Rupe is the son of Greg and Jeanie Rupe. During high school, he has been a member of the boys’ track team. Kane graduated early, and since second semester has been active in the National Guard. He completed his basic training at Fort Leonardsworth.

Adam Scott is off to the United States Marine Corps following graduation. He advises his peers not to sit home being bored because there’s lots to do in Davis County. He is the son of Jake and Vicki Scott.

Sarah Scott kept busy with basketball, track, Model United Nations, art club, and French club during high school. She also worked at the Department of Human Services during the summer. She plans to attend Indian Hills Community College then transfer to Simpson College. She’s still checking out her many career options. Sarah will always remember Mr. Miller’s English 3 class her senior year. She is the daughter of Alvin and Linda Scott.

Robert and Margaret Scott are the parents of Shawna Scott. Shawna has kept busy with volleyball, basketball, track, softball, French club, volunteens, conflict management, and Octagon club. She has served as class officer and has worked at Southfork. She plans to attend the University of Iowa to major in actuary science. She tells underclassmen that "high school only happens once in your life, so work hard and have lots of fun."

One of Katie Sherlock’s best high school memories is her trips to Costa Rica during the summer. She is the daughter of Jamie and Diana Yoss. Katie plans to attend St. Ambrose University where she will play volleyball and major in Spanish education or international business. During high school, Katie played volleyball and basketball. She was student body president and participated in Students Opposed to Drugs and Alcohol, school advisory committee, drug free schools committee, Spanish club, National Honor Society, volunteens, and junior optimist club. She worked at Amoco.

"It is better to try than it is to not know," is Holly Shumate’s motto. Holly is the daughter of Rodney and Lynn Shumate. While in high school, she was involved in volleyball, cheerleading, cross country, track, basketball, National Honor Society, county council, and 4-H. She also served as class officer. Holly plans to attend Truman State University where she will major in exercise science with emphasis on physical therapy.

Brian Skaggs is the son of Harold and Kathy Skaggs. Of all the memories in high school, Brian’s best one is making it to the state playoffs in football. Brian participated in football, wrestling, tennis, and baseball. He plans to go to the University of Northern Iowa and major in education. He also plans to get his coaching certification.

Matt Sorensen is the son of Curt and Kathy Sorensen. During high school, he participated in football and wrestling. He has yet to decide what he will do after graduation.

Joe Speer, son of Kevin and Kim Speer, plans to attend Indian Hills Community College. He held down a part-time job at the Butcher’s Block and still found time to play football. Joe’s best memory is being with his friends. His advice to underclassmen is, “Respect your elders.”

"My best memory is beating Fairfield and finding out that we were in the state playoffs for football,” says Clint Spurgeon. Clint is the son of Kevin and Roberta Spurgeon. He actively participated in football and wrestling in high school. He also worked part-time at Keith’s Foods.Clint plans to attend Indian Hills Community College and major in compuer programming.

Leah St. Clair, daughter of Paul and Nancy St. Clair, has been involved in community players productions, choir, minni singers, and color guard. She was a volunteer at the Davis County Hospital. “You can’t make everyone like you, but you sure can try,” is Leah’s personal motto. Leah plans to work in a national park.

Sarah Stogdill plans to attend Iowa State University and major in marketing. Eventually, she would like to transfer to Arizona State University. Sarah is the daughter of D.G. and Dorothy Stogdill. While in high school, she played volleyball, basketball, and golf. She was a member of French club and worked at the swimming pool and at the country club. Sarah advises, “Don’t let others have too much of a say in what you do. It’s your life, not theirs.”

Aaron Swaim was a member of Spanish club. He is the son of Dennis and Penny Swaim. Aaron’s plans for the future include going to college and majoring in automotive technology.

Charles Thomas is the son of Ron and Mary Thomas. While in school, he played basketball and football, and ran cross country. Charles plans to attend Simpson College and play on the Simpson Storm basketball team.

Jessica Totten remembers all the time she has spent with her friends. She is the daughter of Paul and Mary Totten. Jessica was in band, choir, minni singers, drama, school musicals, and was a member of the youth group at the Faith Baptist Church. She was also pianist for the church group called Whirlybirds and various school choirs. She was a conflict manager and volunteered at the Davis County Hospital.

Lissa Van Cleave is the daughter of Bill and Sharon Van Cleave. She was involved in basketball, volleyball, golf, student council, conflict management, National Honor Society, church call committee, Art club, and French club. Lisa plans to go to Kirkwood Community College to get her Associate of Arts degree, and then transfer to a university. Her advice to the underclassmen is, “Enjoy every minute with your friends; high school goes faster than you think.”

Todd Vogel plans to attend Indian Hills Community College for drafting technology. He was active in wrestling. He is the son of Leon and Cynthia Vogel. His best memory was making weight for the last time during wrestling.

David Walker is the son of Dan and Sheila Westegard. He plans to find a career in the Navy. His personal motto is, “It’s gonna be all right.”

Brandon Walton is the son of Don and Gayle Walton. He was active in basketball, tennis, fall baseball, and mission work in Kansas City for his church youth group. He plans to attend the University of Northern Iowa and major in architecture. His advice to the underclassmen is, “Never underestimate the power of a senior.”

Brett Warning was active in wrestling, French club, and golf. He plans to take the three year program at Indian Hills Community College for drafting. He is the son of Rick and Kendra Warning. Brett goes by the old saying, “Do to others as you would like them to do to you.”

Joshua Wilks plans to attend Kirkwood Community College and major in business management. He is the son of Elmer and Delores Wilks. He was active in football, wrestling, baseball, and the Pulaski Methodist Church. He was employed at Southfork. His best memory is the 1997 football season.

Valevictorian was Kelly Hartwick, and Miss Katherine Annette Bolin was Salutatorian.

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